Powder Toss

Prayer Canceller

Negate the divine effects of prayer with Prayer Canceller.

  • Stable and hypo-allergenic formulation.
  • Long shelf life. No refrigeration required.
  • Low toxicity, though intended for external use only.
  • Effective at debaptizing anyone, dead or alive.
  • Effective against religious conversions in absentia.
  • Effective against blessings.
  • Effective against unwanted telepathy.
  • Effective against opponents' lucky objects.
  • Effective at preventing The Rapture from ever happening.
  • Great for protesting government-endorsed prayer gatherings.
  • Effective against Prayer Powder and even against PrayerMAX 5000.
  • Research and Development
    Research and Development

    Prayer Canceller is a safe white powder being developed and researched to provide maximum effectiveness for your prayer diminishing needs. Now with the relatively recent discovery of tau neutrino particles, Prayer Canceller is now empowered by billions of these particles per second!

    Research is continuing to improve this already amazing product, and additional benefits keep being discovered.

    Not unlike nothing I've never seen before.
    --Torsten Pihl
    Prayer Canceller is nearly as effective as the holy relics I've purchased online and at a fraction of the cost.
    --Tony Neff
    I tried Prayer Canceller against an enemy and their cold lingered for five days before they felt better.
    --Miranda Prince
    I've sprinkled Prayer Canceller in with a shot of espresso, to stay awake, and it kept me going for hours!
    --Brent Steele
    Prayer Canceller has reduced my enemy's chances of winning big in the lottery to just a millions-to-one chance.
    --Shannon Gorges
    As effective as most FDA approved pharmaceuticals but without nausea, vomiting, constipation, and increased risk of heart failure.
    --Stevon Roberts
    How to use Prayer Canceller
    • For external use only!
    • Cast about at will.
    • If Will is not about, cast as you see fit.
    Where to Buy Prayer Canceller